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The challenge is to create the ideal environment for everyone who will use your building. That depends on the ‘living’ systems within the building, just as much as it does on the static structure. Our goal is to always deliver the highest value in whatever capacity we are required; constantly vigilant for opportunities to achieve the best quality within the budget expectation. That’s especially true on projects that involve providing highly technical services in very sensitive environments like healthcare settings or advanced manufacturing facilities. So services engineering must be integral to the construction process: from air conditioning, heating and ventilation, to electrical installation, medical gases, building controls, sprinklers and fire safety systems.

Creative Development Approach

When project managing, we work closely with customers and architects to create a vision for construction project, communicating a personality with our development process. A commercial or multi-residential building is an opportunity to express an identity and a lifestyle; even light industrial construction projects are an opportunity to reinforce a perspective. The energy and unique mindset of UCC provides the best catalyst for creative construction projects.

General Contracting

My Dream My Builder (Fiji) has its own team of highly skilled labor to support construction requirements. Our approach to construction management is customizing resources to deliver the highest quality at the best value and maintaining the project budget without sacrificing the overall vision. Providing highly experienced leaders along with a capable team of general contractors gives us the capability to tackle large and small scale construction management projects across the Islands of Fiji.

Risk Management

In the process of managing numerous sub-teams and contractors, UCC is constantly aware of quality, accuracy and safety within the project. Based on the approved designs and project expectations, we vigilantly supervise development to keep within budget while maintaining high standards of quality. All of our teams are required to meet standards of safety and insurance, protecting the overall health of every person involved and the construction environment itself.

Keeping the Vision

Creativity is exciting, but it requires skill and experience to maintain innovative projects and keep them on time and on budget. The diverse teams at UCC transition projects between design and construction, always aware of budget constraints and important milestones. It is this discipline that keeps elegant designs on course, and ensures that as a project progresses and is completed, all expectations of design, cost and time are met.

Budget Management

We represent the customer in the best way possible; providing material recommendations and design options that fit within budget expectations. By providing several options to our customers, we can collaboratively identify the ideal solutions that meet the design choices at the best price. As managers, United Construction Company always looks at our customers as partners, always working in the best interests of quality, time and budget.

Quality & Cost

To provide optimum value, there is a balance between budget and materials that has to be fine-tuned. Our objective is to provide maximum quality in materials and construction while remaining within the budget envelope. Every opportunity we see for improvements to the scope and design are communicated to project management, following the direction of construction leaders. The experience of United Construction Company in all stages of commercial, industrial and multiple family residential development gives us the skills and knowledge to execute projects to the highest possible value.